Colorectal Cancer Screening Singapore – Remove the Polyps

The colorectal cancer is one of the most common cancer.Most of the patients who have been diagnosed with this disease are over 50 years old.

Five main Colorectal Cancer Screening Singapore can be available easily. The fecal occult blood test which is also called FOBT is the most safe solution of them because it is a non-invasive screening. Because of its advantages,such as safe, simple and not costly, it is a very popular initial screening. However, the results of FOBT can be affected by other problems. For example, if you want to have accurate results, you should cure the hemorrhoids and anal fissure which can help you eliminate other unknown causes before you take the fecal occult blood test.

Digital Rectal Exam is also an important treatment of colorectal cancer screening singapore. In order to feel enlargement of prostate gland, the surgeon will use a gloved finger enter into your rectum with the help of lubed and slid. Many people choose this colorectal cancer screening singapore because it is not required any instrumentation so the charge of this exam is inexpensive.However, the accuracy of the digital rectal exam is too low. The majority of polyps can not detected by this method. It may lead to the disease become worse in a unaware situation.Colonoscopy is a safer and more effective way to detect and visualising the lining in people’s colon and rectum. The instrument which is applied to the colonoscopy is tubular so that the dexterity can be ensured. Colonoscopy is an excellent way to diagnose the colon and rectum problems.

Besides, this colorectal cancer screening singapore is a good assistance to perform biopsies and remove colonic polyps. The colonoscopies always are operated with outpatient basis so that it can reduce much inconvenience of the patients. The people who are over the age of 50 are recommended to take colonoscopy into account of their annal program. Especially the people who has colon or rectal cancer history of their themselves or their families. Besides, the problems of inflammatory, bowel diseases are also better to be noticed and diagnosis by the colonoscopy. Compared to other colorectal cancer screening singapore, the colonoscopy is much more sensitive to detect the polyp which are much risks to become the cancer. The colonoscopy can help the patients remove them during the testing. It can save the much annoyance from the another surgery.

Job of a Dentist

A dentist, as you all might know, is a doctor for your oral cavity. He deals with all teeth, gums and mouth issues, diagnosing the oral diseases that you may have, and helps prevent and fight these diseases. Dental treatments are not just for disease prevention, but are also available for aesthetic oral purposes. Thus, the job of dentists can range over anything from removal of decayed tooth, filling cavities in teeth, x-ray examination, protective sealant placement on children’s teeth, teeth straightening, fractured teeth repairs, to aesthetic surgeries and gums and supporting bone’s treatment. It is advised that you must consult a dentist at least twice in a year to check and clean it, though you may not have any particular teeth problems. The dentists and dental hygienists advise even more visits to the dental clinic in a year, but a minimum of two visits in a year is compulsory without fail.

Regular examination of your teeth and oral cavity helps to maintain a good oral health for you and prevent the accumulation of germs that may lead to severe dental problems even if it doesn’t show up suddenly. Therefore, it is said that you should visit the dentist two times a year. The main things done at an oral clinic to detect, prevent and maintain dental health of your oral cavity includes, medical history reviewing, examining diagnostic x-rays, oral cancer screening, evaluation of gum diseases, tooth decay examinations, examination of existing restorations, removal of tartar, removal of plaque, teeth polishing, recommendations for oral hygiene, reviewing dietary habits, etc. The usual equipment used by the dentist in a dental clinic includes, x-ray machines, drills, mouth mirrors, probes, forceps, brushes, scalpels, lasers, digital scanners, and other sophisticated computer technologies.

Dentists are graduates from efficient dental institutions having at least a bachelor’s degree in dentistry, and a few years of training experience as practitioners. A dentist receives the license for starting his practice, only if he is a graduate from any accredited dental school, and has passed all the exams. The candidates should satisfy the written tests of State licensing too, to acquire the license to practice as dentists. A minimum of 2 year college level pre-dental study is required for the dental schools, prior to admission. Most dentists, these days, work as solo practitioners, with their own business, working individually with few staffs. The dental clinics are open four to five days a week, but some dentists provide service on holidays too, depending on the needs of the patients. The dentists establishing a new practice probably work more than experienced and well-known dentists, who have established their name in the field.

There are several specialization areas for the dentists like Orthodontists, Periodontists, Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons, Prosthodontists, Endodontists, Oral Pathologists, Public health specialists, etc. Both diagnostic abilities and manual skills are required in dentistry. Also, a dentist should have many qualities, like, good visual memory, good judgment of measures and sizes, space, color and shape, manual dexterity, other scientific abilities, good business and communication skills, self-discipline, etc. The dentists can also train students as part-time teaching, equipping them to be efficient and experienced dentists. About 1, 41,900 jobs are of dentists, as of 2008. Thus, a large number of people are recruited to this field. By 2018, the dentists’ employment is expected to increase by 16 percent. And also, the requirement for dental services is increasing, day by day. This increase in the dental care requirement is not expected to match with the number of the dentists. However, there are hopes that the blooming technology in the medical field will provide more sophisticated and efficient dentists to the world.

Staying Healthy Through Disease Preventing Methods

The famous line “prevention is better than cure” may be a cliché buy indeed true. A person can only acquire infection, disease and any affliction once his body gets weak. The necessity of staying healthy is more than just eating properly to gain weight and increase your height. You have to use every method that can help you assure your body to remain fit and able to fight against contaminants and microorganisms around you. Severe disease can even cause one to risk his life if not treated properly. To avoid getting any diseases, make sure you have your body remain physically fit and healthy.

Bones as the framework of the body need to be strong all the time to allow the body to move normally without having any pains and hindrances. To monitor the condition of the bones of your body, you have to undergo density screenings and mass measurements for the bones to know if you have any bone disease or the possibility of your bones to suffer osteoporosis. Taking in foods that are high in calcium along with regular exercises can make them grow stronger.

Colon cancer has killed more than half of its sufferers. Though most of the sufferers of this disease are aged people particularly 50 years old and up, it is suggested for young people to have a consistent colorectal cancer screenings. This will help insure whether or not you are at risk of colon cancer or not especially if you have encountered some of its symptoms. The tests include barium enemas, fecal occult blood and screening colonoscopies. You do not need to be ashamed in taking such tests because every information regarding your test results as well as medications are protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 or HIPAA. You can check HIPAA Training Course that can educate you on this matter.

Abdominal aortic aneurysms can be hereditary. If your family has the history of having such high risk disease, you should avail a one-time screen ultrasound particularly males ages 65 until 75 years old.

Cardiovascular disease is directly associated with the heart. Since this disease is very chronic and involves high risks, you have to assure the health of your heart and make it remain strong to fight such disease. You may take aspirin, follow some healthy eating tips and proper monitoring of your blood pressure.

The blood sugar level can affect the function of several organs of the body and can lead to the development of different ailments if not balanced. Diabetes screening and other tests to know the level of the blood sugar in the body must be undergone by people who can feel its symptoms as well as those whose family has history of diabetes. Observe proper eating habit that can help balance the sugar level in your body to prevent your body from receiving aggressive medical procedures.

There are certain medications for every disease that can be suffered by a person. However, one cannot say whether he or she will suffer a severe or minor type of disease. The best thing to do is to avoid foods and activities that can bring harm to your body. Being healthy can never be a crime to do.

Natural Remedies Men Fertility as New Year gift to Revitalize Your Life?

Everything one needs to know about men infertility There can be nothing more devastating for a man than been diagnosed as infertile. This diagnosis can result in emotional pain to a great extent thereby affecting a male’s self-esteem. Although infertility can be overwhelming for a couple, however there is good news for all those who are a victim of infertility. There is ample natural remedies men fertility that can help men to overcome from this troublesome situation. Give these natural remedies as a New Year gift and help infertile men to enjoy fatherhood.

Infertility can occur in men due to myriad factors such as radiation, environmental toxins, medicines that reduce fertility, a general medical disorder that reduce fertility, hormonal problems, problems with ejaculation and erection, genetic disorders, sperm disorders, varicocele, testicular disease and injury, and obstructive problems.

To add to it, there are many factors that are likely to reduce fertility such as fever, diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, neurological disorder, kidney disease, cancer, alcoholism, stress. However with the below mentioned natural remedies men fertility as a healthy New Year gift, men can keep all infertility problems at bay.

Five magical tips to keep sperm healthyKeep away from hot baths, saunas and spas especially when planning for a baby. To add to it, men can also wear boxer shorts for helping to keep things calm down there.A healthy diet is vital for general as well as reproductive health. Hence the saying “you are what you eat”.Smoking cigarettes reduces fertility to a great deal. Chain smokers produce approximately 20% fewer sperm and smoking is also likely to increase the chances of abnormally shaped sperm thereby making it difficult for the sperm in fertilizing the egg. Hence avoid smoking.Stay away from illegal drugs including heroin, cocaine, marijuana and steroids as these are likely to lower the sex drive and testosterone levels and finally affect fertility.Maintain a healthy weight as studies have proven that men who are obese are less fertile compared to men who have normal weight. Obese men are at greater risk of having fewer sperms and lower sperm counts.Three Natural remedies men fertility as New Year gift to revitalize lifeVitamin C: as per studies it has been proved that antioxidant enriched vitamin C helps in protecting the sperm along with protecting the DNA from damage, thus increasing the quality of sperm. Vitamin C aids in neutralizing any toxin or chemical found in the semen resulting from smoking or environmental pollution. It also helps the sperm to be clumped together or less sticky thereby allowing it to be more mobile.Maintaining an ideal weight: deprivation of food in men results in a loss of reproductive tissue and sex drive which results in infertility. On the other hand, obesity can be linked to impotence and low sperm count due to higher temperature that is caused due to surplus fat adjacent to the testes. Hence maintaining an ideal weight is one of the most effective natural remedies men infertility.Celery: celery has been known for ages to possess great characteristics for sexual stimulation. It is enriched with an odor free hormone known as andosterone. It is indeed one of the best ways for increasing sexual desire and thereby preventing infertility.Men must avail the benefits of these natural remedies to help revitalize their lives.

Plaque On Your Teeth and poor oral hygiene can bring about cancer

Is there plaque on your teeth? If you have, you could have a greater risk of developing a form of cancer , claims a new study, that has established a direct link between oral hygiene and cancer .

People with the greatest incidence of plaque were nearly twice as likely to have cancer, and, in women , it was most likely to cause breast cancer. Researchers from Helsinki University found a direct link between amounts of plaque and the risk of cancer when they looked at cancer rates and oral hygiene in 1,390 people. Source: British Medical Journal 2012 2 e001083.

So What Exactly is Plaque?

Plaque is that sticky, white substance that forms on teeth, between them and in the area between the teeth and gums called the sulcus. Plaque is seen as the main cause of gum disease. Look into a mirror and run a fingernail along the baseline of your teeth. You will probably see a white deposit. This is plaque.


Yes. The plaque in your mouth is a complex mixture of bacteria, protein strands, fluids and cells . As long as plaque is ‘healthy’ it will protect the teeth and repel harmful bacteria. In her groundbreaking book ‘Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye’, Dr. Ellie Phillips describes healthy plaque as a kind of comforter that covers and protects teeth. If ‘bad’ bacteria invade this comforter the whole situation changes and the comforter is no longer protective, instead becoming a source of risk and damage. Plaque is at first a healthy layer on your teeth that only becomes unhealthy when your mouth becomes acidic.

This is a really important point . When this happens the enzymes and the bacterial toxins in the plaque attack healthy gums and teeth, causing damage and inflammation . The cause of gum disease is not the plaque itself but the harmful bacteria in the plaque. This harmful bacteria turn sugars into acid. Normally this acid is quite weak and won’t seriously affect your gums or the enamel of teeth . Yet under plaque, these acids aren’t eliminated by saliva and begin to take on a new intensity .

One type of bacteria will ultimately cause the gum to swell and bleed , create ‘pockets’ as the gums loosen and push away from the tooth. Another type will dissolve enamel and cause the teeth to decay .

There is a specially designed brush, the Blotting Brush, more recently described as ‘a weapon of plaque destruction’ with a capillary action in the bristle that’s very efficient at removing the unhealthy plaque and the acid-forming bacteria. In a plaque-free mouth, even sugary foods become less destructive to the teeth.

Eating healthy foods is one positive step to keep your mouth alkaline. This therefore helps to keep plaque healthy and encourage the production of good saliva which cleans the mouth. Never forget that your saliva is the most effective mouthwash available Carbonated drinks can cause havoc in the mouth. Diet sodas are the worst of the bunch because of their high acid content. Lazy or poor brushing and flossing habits can push plaque deeper into the gum crevices around the teeth. The Blotting Brush reaches into those areas and draws the plaque out .

Once these harmful bacteria-loaded plaque deposits are removed through ‘blotting’ , the gums are on their way back to being healthy and protecting your teeth.

Cancer Treatment in India at DS Research Centre

Cancer is one of the deadly diseases which are characterized by out-of-control cell growth which do not die. In the medical science, more than 100 types of cancer have been discovered & each of them has classified by the type of cell which is initially damaged. There are trillions of cells in our body & all the cells work together. In the deadly disease, called Cancer, one of those cells stops to pay attention to the normal signals that tell cells to grow, stop growing or even to die. In the process by which a normal cell changes into one which behaves abnormally, can take a long time and is often triggered by outside influences. Some kind of Cancers grows very fast, while the others take a long time becoming dangerous. For its own set of genetic changes & growth properties each case of this disease is unique. Cancer treatment has come up with many new avenues which are worth exploring to find new hopes and horizons.
Cancer Treatment In India:
There are a huge number of patients not only India but also all over the world are losing their lives because of this deadly disease, called Cancer. But now not to worried. Cancer treatment in India has become so easy for the cancer hospitals situated in India, which provides the cancer e patients an affordable fees. India is known as the best for having the best doctors, the best surgeons, the best hospitals. It is difficult to afford the fees for the cancer treatment in abroad. In India the fees of cancer treatment is less compared to that in US. So the middle class families are being helped by the cancer treatment in India according to their affordable fees. Cancer treatment in India is being helped by the most popular hospitals situated in India, such as Tata Memorial Hospital; Mumbai, Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology; Bangalore, PD Hinduja Memorial Hospital Mumbai, Apollo Cancer Hospital Chennai, Amala Cancer Center Thrissur. The most popular director Mr. Anurag Basu had battled with acute leukemia in 2004 in India & he has said “it is not that India is less any way when it comes to Cancer treatment.” The drugs of cancer introduced in abroad are simultaneously launched in India & also available in India. Because of the popular hospitals in India the cancer treatment in India is being improved. These places offer best cancer treatment.
Cancer Treatment:
The types of cancer treatment are Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy & many others. In Cancer treatment, surgery can be used to diagnose in some cases. Chemotherapy can give a better sense of control over cancer treatment. Radiation therapy in cancer treatment uses high-energy particles or waves to destroy or damage cancer cells. Radiation therapy is one of the most common treatments of cancer, either by itself or along with other forms of treatment. In Cancer treatment immunotherapy is the treatment that uses body’s own immune system to help fight cancer. Photodynamic therapy or PDT is a cancer treatment that uses special drugs, called photosensitizing agents, along with light to kill cancer cells. The other cancer treatments are Lasers treatment, targeted therapy etc.

Inadequate Vaginal Lubrication Can Occur At Any Age

During and after menopause a common problrm for women is vaginal dryness. Inadequate vaginal lubrication can occur at any age. Thinning and inflammation of vaginal walls due to a decline in estrogen is the main sign of Vaginal dryness. You might also have itching, stinging around the vaginal opening and in the ower part of the vagina. Women suffering from Vaginal dryness may find intercourse uncomfortable. Hormonal changes of menopause, breast-feeding and childbirth may disrupt the process of more blood flows to your pelvic organs, creating more lubricating vaginal fluid.

Signs and Symptoms of Vaginal dryness
Common signs and symptoms of vaginal dryness are itching, burning, soreness, light and pain bleding with sex, urgency and urinary frequency. You should immediately consult your doctor if vaginal dryness affects your lifestyle, sex life and also our relationship with your partner. Vaginal dryness is not a part of getting older.

Due to fluctuations in estrogen levels women in the menopausal transition may experience vaginal itching. The vaginal wall becomes thinner and drier and itching mey cause as estrogen levels decline in the perimenopause. There are many conditions that are responsible for vaginal dryness. Some causes of vaginal dryness are decrease in estrogen levels, chronic yeast infection, douching, vaginal bacterial infection, medication, sexually transmitted diseases and vaginal trauma.

There are large number of medicine available in te market for the treatment of vaginal dryness and itching. For the treatment of vaginal drynes and itching vagifem is considered to be the best, most trusted and recommeded by the doctor or health care professional. vagifem is a prescription medicine used for the reatment of vaginal dryness and itching. This medication comes in the form of tablets and available by brand name. The main ingredient of vagifem is Estradiol.

Befor taking or making any use of vagifem medicine you should know full in formation about the medicine to avoid serious side effect. Use of vagifem can lead to the cancer of uterus, to avoid the risk of the cancer Estradiol should be used coupled up with Prostegins. The risk of heart stroke may rise if Vagifem is used for a longer period of time. If you are allergic to vagifem or to its ingredient you should not use this medicine as it lead to serious side effect. Pregnant and breast feeding mother should not use vagifem medicie without doctor’s consultation as the use of vagifem medicine in pregnant and breast feedimg mother may harm the health of unborn baby or nursed child.

Vagifem is a prescription medicine and should be taken as prescribe by the doctor or health care professional. The initially dose for vagifem medicine recommended is 25 mg. Do not increase or decrease the dose of the medicine on your own. Before taking vagifem medicine youshould inform your dctor if you are taking any prescription, non prescription and herbal medicine to avoid serious side effect. For the better result take medicine as prescribe by the doctor. Keep all medicines away from the reach of the children and pet.

Lung Cancer Treatment Options Explained

Lung cancer is something that affects many people throughout the world every single year, and is one of the most common forms of cancer in the USA. In fact, about 200,000 people get diagnosed with lung cancer every single year, and 150,000 people die from it, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Although this paints the picture that lung cancer has a very low survival rate, about 30% of people are expected to survive for at least a year after diagnosis. The prognosis for a full recovery is lower though, although getting diagnosed quicker gives a higher chance of survival, as the lung cancer treatment can begin earlier.

When it comes to lung cancer treatment, there are a number of different paths it could take, and these paths are also often combined when two treatments are used. This article will go over the more common lung cancer treatment options, so that you know what to expect if you have just been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Treatment of cancer – including lung cancer treatment – often involves something called radiotherapy, which is a process whereby radiation is aimed at the cancer. This radiation then acts on the cancerous cells, with the hope being that they will be killed. Radiotherapy can happen in two ways: from an external source, or through a piece of radioactive material been placed inside the body, near to the area of the cancer.

If you are going to receive radiotherapy, the process can be quite intense, although this does depend on the severity of the cancer. Most people have a number of sessions over a week, with the number of weeks ranging from 3 through to about 7. Some other people with lung cancer might have to undergo more than one piece of radiotherapy in a day as part of their treatment for cancer, which is a process known as hyperfractionation. Although this is more intense, it means that the process is completed in a shorter timeframe.

Should the cancer be terminal, it is still possible to use radiotherapy as a lung cancer treatment, although it is used solely for palliative means. This means that radiotherapy is used to control the cancer and make the patient’s life more bearable, although the patient will not be fully cured.

Chemotherapy is also something that many people have heard of, and it is another common lung cancer treatment option. The good news is that small cell lung cancer responds well to this type of treatment. It is also used though due to the fact that lung cancer has often spread away from the lungs by the time it is diagnosed, so chemotherapy will fight all of the cancer in the body. Chemotherapy is often used in conjunction with radiotherapy, and also sometimes before surgery, so as to decrease the size of the cancer (radiotherapy is often used for this too).

Chemotherapy might also be used after the cancer has been removed in surgery, so as to lower the risk of the cancer returning in the future, and also as a form of palliative care, to help the patient’s comfort. There are various side-effects to this form of lung cancer treatment, but these pale into insignificance when you realize that this treatment could save your life. There are many different types of drugs used for chemotherapy when it comes to lung cancer treatment and an experienced doctor will know which is best for you.

The final type of lung cancer treatment to talk about is surgery, and this is often the most effective way to remove cancer from the body, not just in lung cancer but in a number of other cancers as well. Surgery is only usually an option though if the cancer has not spread to other parts of the body. As already mentioned, chemotherapy or radiotherapy might be used to reduce the size of the cancer prior to the operation, so that it is easier to remove.

There are three main types of operations used for surgery on lung cancer: pneumonectomy, lobectomy and wedge resection. Surgeons will be able to decide on the best course of action, and it will depend on the size of the tumor and also on its location.

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