Hormones are the chemical substances produced by the glands in a body. Hormone therapies are treatments that use one or more female hormones like Estrogen, Progestin and Testosterone in order to treat symptoms of menopause. Hormone therapies are also called as Hormonal Therapies, Hormone Treatments or Endocrine therapies. In Hormone therapy, additional hormones are given to boost low levels of hormones in a body.

The main symptoms of menopause include vaginal dryness, mood swings, disorders in sleep, hot flashes or decreased sex desire. Hormonal therapies help to relieve some symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness and pain with intercourse. Presence of Estrogen hormones prevents from thinning of the bones that is osteoporosis. However, hormone therapy may also increase a chance of Breast Cancer, Heart Diseases, Blood Clots or Stroke.

So, it is recommended to take some trips to your doctor for an advice before taking any therapy. You should show all your medical records and test reports to your doctor for a suitable therapy prescription.

Several Forms of Hormone Therapy There are several forms of hormone therapies. You should visit a doctor first for finding a right therapy for you. Estrogens comes in several forms like Nasal Spray, Tablets, skin gel, skin patches, vaginal ring, vaginal creams or tablets. Progesterone or progestin comes in various forms like Pill, Skin Patch and Vaginal cream.

Several Forms Of Hormone Therapies: There are many forms of hormone therapies. Finding a right therapy for you requires some visits to a doctor. Estrogens available in several forms like Tablets, Skin Gel, Skin Patches, Vaginal Ring, Vaginal Creams, Vaginal Tablets or Nasal Spray. Progestin also comes in several forms like Skin Patches, Vaginal Cream or Pill.

If your doctor prescribes you estrogen and progestin together, then following schedules are recommended, * Cyclic Hormone Therapy * Continuous and combined therapy involves estrogen and progestin Additional medications can be recommended if women having severe symptoms. Usually, testosterone is use as a supplemental drug. Non hormonal medications can also be prescribed.

Benefits Of Hormone Therapies: There are several benefits of hormone therapies like relief from hot flashes, night sweats, sleep difficulties, vaginal dryness and relief from anxiety.

Endometrial/Uterine Cancer: Taking an estrogen therapy alone increases a risk of endometrial cancer. However, taking progesterone with estrogen reduces this risk. If woman don’t have a uterus, endometrial cancer does not develop.

Endometrial/Uterine Cancer: Estrogen therapy if take alone, increases a risk of endometrial/ uterine cancer. But, taking a progestin with estrogen reduces a risk of endometrial/ uterine cancer. Endometrial cancer doesn’t develop, if woman don’t have a uterus.

Cardiovascular Disease: Long term estrogen therapy increases a risk of many heart diseases. Oral estrogen therapy is the main reason deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolus. Estrogen therapy may also cause stroke. Estrogen/Progestin therapy increases a risk of several gallbladder diseases. There are several side effects of hormone therapies like bloating, breast soreness, headaches, mood swings, and nausea or water retention. Side effects can be easily controlled by changing hormone therapy or a dose of therapy. Changes during and after menopause can also be controlled by taking some healthy steps for a healthier life like regular exercise and eating healthy food.