Mammosite Therapy Offers Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment

Getting a diagnosis of breast cancer is extremely disconcerting. Even when it’s caught in its earliest stages, the questions, concerns, and stress can add up fast. Patients and their family members will find there are many viable treatment options out there. For those who have discovered the presence of cancer in its early phases, alternatives to radical, body transforming surgery might be possible. One such option is called MammoSite Therapy.

MammoSite Therapy is considered a solid treatment choice for those in the early stage of breast cancer. Replacing traditional radiation therapy, this alternative is performed following a lumpectomy. During the procedure, a small balloon is placed directly into the tumor cavity. This balloon is then inflated to allow the application of radiation directly to the affected area.

Unlike some forms of treatment, MammoSite Therapy is considered relatively fast. The treatment lasts about 10 minutes each visit. Instead of the traditional 35 days of radiation, patients who are good candidates for this procedure need only visit about five times.

Benefits of MammoSite Therapy

In addition to the relative speed of this type of therapy, patients who undergo the procedure are likely to notice a few other benefits. They include:

Enhanced cosmetic outcomes – When this therapy is successful, a patient might only require a lumpectomy, which means radical, body altering surgery might not be part of the treatment procedure.

Low recurrence rate – Patients who undergo MammoSite Therapy report a low recurrence rate. This procedure can be an extremely viable option as a result.

How to Find Out More
When the diagnosis is breast cancer, it’s imperative to work directly with a highly experienced oncologist. Discuss all treatment options with your doctor and be sure to go over the possibilities with family and other loved ones. Ideally, you’ll want to select a course of treatment that gives you the highest chance for beating the disease with the lowest possible reoccurrence rate. Your doctor will be able to help you determine if MammoSite Therapy is the best possible course of action in your unique case.

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