Why A Female Urologist Can Better Understand A Woman's Health Issues

Women have made significant headway professionally, be it in business, medicine or law. With regards to skills and knowledge, they have demonstrated that they are able to perform a job just as well, or even better. But in spite of the major advances they’ve made, men still continue to dominate professional fields.

In the area of urology, men outnumber female professionals. This info is particularly significant to remember since several patients prefer a female urologist. Ladies, particularly, end up more relaxed discussing troubles linked to their intimate parts of the body when talking with a professional of the same sex. Not to discount the ability and also experience of male specialists in the field of urology, a lady urologist may add a private touch as she treats another woman because of the familiarity as well as understanding she offers.

One of the most common conditions that affect women are urinary incontinence, kidney stones, urinary tract infection, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, overactive bladder, hematuria, pelvic organ prolapse and interstitial cystitis. These problems can easily be addressed by a professional urologist. Women, however, would choose a female specialist to deal with them.

In spite of the prevalence of male professionals, some of their female counterparts are opening centers which specialize in women patients. This is really great news since some female patients simply choose to overlook and bear with the pain and discomfort they experience than see a male urologist. Women, particularly, will benefit not only from the technical knowledge of a female urologist but through the compassion as well as sympathy she can provide as well.

A female urologist provides exactly the same professional care her male counterpart can offer. But alternatively, she can certainly relate with less effort with her female patients. This can pave the way for an even more effective consultation as well as treatment. For example, a male medical professional might be well-versed about the effects of childbirth to a woman’s anatomy or even about vaginal prolapse coming from a clinical perspective and can be just as good at diagnosing as well as treating a certain situation. However, a female urologist can frame things in a better perspective simply because such concerns are intimately familiar with her.

As with many medical treatments, it is very important to ascertain rapport between the patient and his or her doctor. This gives you an opportunity for a better understanding of the patient’s problems which will enable the healthcare professional to properly diagnose the trouble ailing the patient and provide the correct cure.

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