Colorectal Cancer Screening Singapore – Remove the Polyps

The colorectal cancer is one of the most common cancer.Most of the patients who have been diagnosed with this disease are over 50 years old.

Five main Colorectal Cancer Screening Singapore can be available easily. The fecal occult blood test which is also called FOBT is the most safe solution of them because it is a non-invasive screening. Because of its advantages,such as safe, simple and not costly, it is a very popular initial screening. However, the results of FOBT can be affected by other problems. For example, if you want to have accurate results, you should cure the hemorrhoids and anal fissure which can help you eliminate other unknown causes before you take the fecal occult blood test.

Digital Rectal Exam is also an important treatment of colorectal cancer screening singapore. In order to feel enlargement of prostate gland, the surgeon will use a gloved finger enter into your rectum with the help of lubed and slid. Many people choose this colorectal cancer screening singapore because it is not required any instrumentation so the charge of this exam is inexpensive.However, the accuracy of the digital rectal exam is too low. The majority of polyps can not detected by this method. It may lead to the disease become worse in a unaware situation.Colonoscopy is a safer and more effective way to detect and visualising the lining in people’s colon and rectum. The instrument which is applied to the colonoscopy is tubular so that the dexterity can be ensured. Colonoscopy is an excellent way to diagnose the colon and rectum problems.

Besides, this colorectal cancer screening singapore is a good assistance to perform biopsies and remove colonic polyps. The colonoscopies always are operated with outpatient basis so that it can reduce much inconvenience of the patients. The people who are over the age of 50 are recommended to take colonoscopy into account of their annal program. Especially the people who has colon or rectal cancer history of their themselves or their families. Besides, the problems of inflammatory, bowel diseases are also better to be noticed and diagnosis by the colonoscopy. Compared to other colorectal cancer screening singapore, the colonoscopy is much more sensitive to detect the polyp which are much risks to become the cancer. The colonoscopy can help the patients remove them during the testing. It can save the much annoyance from the another surgery.

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