Job of a Dentist

A dentist, as you all might know, is a doctor for your oral cavity. He deals with all teeth, gums and mouth issues, diagnosing the oral diseases that you may have, and helps prevent and fight these diseases. Dental treatments are not just for disease prevention, but are also available for aesthetic oral purposes. Thus, the job of dentists can range over anything from removal of decayed tooth, filling cavities in teeth, x-ray examination, protective sealant placement on children’s teeth, teeth straightening, fractured teeth repairs, to aesthetic surgeries and gums and supporting bone’s treatment. It is advised that you must consult a dentist at least twice in a year to check and clean it, though you may not have any particular teeth problems. The dentists and dental hygienists advise even more visits to the dental clinic in a year, but a minimum of two visits in a year is compulsory without fail.

Regular examination of your teeth and oral cavity helps to maintain a good oral health for you and prevent the accumulation of germs that may lead to severe dental problems even if it doesn’t show up suddenly. Therefore, it is said that you should visit the dentist two times a year. The main things done at an oral clinic to detect, prevent and maintain dental health of your oral cavity includes, medical history reviewing, examining diagnostic x-rays, oral cancer screening, evaluation of gum diseases, tooth decay examinations, examination of existing restorations, removal of tartar, removal of plaque, teeth polishing, recommendations for oral hygiene, reviewing dietary habits, etc. The usual equipment used by the dentist in a dental clinic includes, x-ray machines, drills, mouth mirrors, probes, forceps, brushes, scalpels, lasers, digital scanners, and other sophisticated computer technologies.

Dentists are graduates from efficient dental institutions having at least a bachelor’s degree in dentistry, and a few years of training experience as practitioners. A dentist receives the license for starting his practice, only if he is a graduate from any accredited dental school, and has passed all the exams. The candidates should satisfy the written tests of State licensing too, to acquire the license to practice as dentists. A minimum of 2 year college level pre-dental study is required for the dental schools, prior to admission. Most dentists, these days, work as solo practitioners, with their own business, working individually with few staffs. The dental clinics are open four to five days a week, but some dentists provide service on holidays too, depending on the needs of the patients. The dentists establishing a new practice probably work more than experienced and well-known dentists, who have established their name in the field.

There are several specialization areas for the dentists like Orthodontists, Periodontists, Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons, Prosthodontists, Endodontists, Oral Pathologists, Public health specialists, etc. Both diagnostic abilities and manual skills are required in dentistry. Also, a dentist should have many qualities, like, good visual memory, good judgment of measures and sizes, space, color and shape, manual dexterity, other scientific abilities, good business and communication skills, self-discipline, etc. The dentists can also train students as part-time teaching, equipping them to be efficient and experienced dentists. About 1, 41,900 jobs are of dentists, as of 2008. Thus, a large number of people are recruited to this field. By 2018, the dentists’ employment is expected to increase by 16 percent. And also, the requirement for dental services is increasing, day by day. This increase in the dental care requirement is not expected to match with the number of the dentists. However, there are hopes that the blooming technology in the medical field will provide more sophisticated and efficient dentists to the world.

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