Natural Remedies Men Fertility as New Year gift to Revitalize Your Life?

Everything one needs to know about men infertility There can be nothing more devastating for a man than been diagnosed as infertile. This diagnosis can result in emotional pain to a great extent thereby affecting a male’s self-esteem. Although infertility can be overwhelming for a couple, however there is good news for all those who are a victim of infertility. There is ample natural remedies men fertility that can help men to overcome from this troublesome situation. Give these natural remedies as a New Year gift and help infertile men to enjoy fatherhood.

Infertility can occur in men due to myriad factors such as radiation, environmental toxins, medicines that reduce fertility, a general medical disorder that reduce fertility, hormonal problems, problems with ejaculation and erection, genetic disorders, sperm disorders, varicocele, testicular disease and injury, and obstructive problems.

To add to it, there are many factors that are likely to reduce fertility such as fever, diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, neurological disorder, kidney disease, cancer, alcoholism, stress. However with the below mentioned natural remedies men fertility as a healthy New Year gift, men can keep all infertility problems at bay.

Five magical tips to keep sperm healthyKeep away from hot baths, saunas and spas especially when planning for a baby. To add to it, men can also wear boxer shorts for helping to keep things calm down there.A healthy diet is vital for general as well as reproductive health. Hence the saying “you are what you eat”.Smoking cigarettes reduces fertility to a great deal. Chain smokers produce approximately 20% fewer sperm and smoking is also likely to increase the chances of abnormally shaped sperm thereby making it difficult for the sperm in fertilizing the egg. Hence avoid smoking.Stay away from illegal drugs including heroin, cocaine, marijuana and steroids as these are likely to lower the sex drive and testosterone levels and finally affect fertility.Maintain a healthy weight as studies have proven that men who are obese are less fertile compared to men who have normal weight. Obese men are at greater risk of having fewer sperms and lower sperm counts.Three Natural remedies men fertility as New Year gift to revitalize lifeVitamin C: as per studies it has been proved that antioxidant enriched vitamin C helps in protecting the sperm along with protecting the DNA from damage, thus increasing the quality of sperm. Vitamin C aids in neutralizing any toxin or chemical found in the semen resulting from smoking or environmental pollution. It also helps the sperm to be clumped together or less sticky thereby allowing it to be more mobile.Maintaining an ideal weight: deprivation of food in men results in a loss of reproductive tissue and sex drive which results in infertility. On the other hand, obesity can be linked to impotence and low sperm count due to higher temperature that is caused due to surplus fat adjacent to the testes. Hence maintaining an ideal weight is one of the most effective natural remedies men infertility.Celery: celery has been known for ages to possess great characteristics for sexual stimulation. It is enriched with an odor free hormone known as andosterone. It is indeed one of the best ways for increasing sexual desire and thereby preventing infertility.Men must avail the benefits of these natural remedies to help revitalize their lives.

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