"easy $500 a day offline profits" – my software will find clients for you in a snap!

“My New Simple Software Spits Out More Offline Ca$h Leads Than You Can Shake A Stick At!

And With Only A Few Clicks!

Watch The Video For A Preview!

So How Did I Come Up With This Software And How Will It Help You Make $500 A Day?

Well to be honest, I bought a WSO from Garrett Acott on Making $500 a Day With This Method Here.

But seeing that I mainly trade Forex and want to eventually outsource this I thought about trying to get past the time constraint of searching through Google with all those businesses.

And thus the software was born. (Yay! )

Now I can just click and get results and in an instant see if business have their Google Page listing verified or not.

If not, there’s a potential $97 up front and not to mention tons of services to be offered on the backend.

But even if they are verified, I can still offer other services that will bring in a pretty penny.

And the software helps me cut down on my search time drastically.

Right now as it stands we have every state in the U.S. and just about every city listed in the software. (More to come)

I’m Not Writing A Ton of Copy. The Video Speaks For Itself.

However …

Imagine being able to get all kinds of business leads straight from Google at your fingertips?

No more opening tons of tabs in your web browser to find local businesses.

Now you can output that information to a simple spreadsheet and either contact businesses yourself or outsource it.

This is a game changer.

I Am Going To Develop This, But You Can Get In Cheap Now…In Exchange For Your FeedbackI’m not wondering if this will go good, I KNOW this software will help a lot of offline marketers.

So I’m going to make it cheap so you can help me develop it. As I said before I’m a Forex trader so I am not an expert in offline marketing…yet.

But I really want to make this software something great so that’s why it’s only 7 dollars…and rising.

You’ll get access to all future updates.

Right now the software uses your Google API key (which is free and we show you how to get it in under 5 minutes), but we will add the option for searching from the Google results.

This was done so that you don’t deal with Google IP blocking.

But that’s only the beginning.

So there you have it. 7 upfront and I’ll max it out at $27.

Once I have enough users I’ll pull the software and then get ready to launch it mainstream.

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