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    auto dealer social mediaSo you know that you should be using social media and if you didn’t then now you do know. Most manufacturers have embraced this new pipeline for getting information out to the public and are increasingly requiring it for their franchises. Infiniti dealers are required to have a certain social media presence and it is closely monitored. Ford even includes a certain level of social media management in their digital marketing packages for their dealers. The question though, still stands, how are you supposed to use it? This is the one area that no manufacturer, that we have found, can clearly answer. The reason for that is that it is still a fairly new way to communicate, interact and engage your customers.
      We have identified certain things that a dealer ship should and shouldn’t do so here is a short list:


    • Be off topic (don’t send sales messages all the time)
    • Ask questions to engage your customer
    • Post pictures of things other than vehicles
    • Post videos of things other than testimonials and vehicle walk arounds
    • Inform your following of weddings, births, birthdays and anniversaries of your dealership employees
    • Respond to both good and bad comments and reviews


    • Post sales messages everyday
    • Post special APR’s every time they come out
    • Post rebates from manufacturers all the time
    • Get personal with your following
    • Bash negative comments or reviews
    • Bury your head and think social media doesn’t work for your dealership

    There are very specific things you can do and post to further engage your customers and community.  We offer a hands on approach to guiding dealerships to success with their social media and reputation management campaigns. Be sure to get an unfair advantage over your competition with our exclusive in-dealership solution.


    automotive customer serviceSocial media is here to stay that is for sure. If your dealership has not quite got the hang of it or jumped on the so-called bandwagon yet then here are a few great reasons you should.

    I recently attended a digital conference in Philadelphia provided by General Motors exclusively for their dealers. The conference was broken down into 3 smaller sections; Leads, Websites, Social Media/Reputation Management. There were about five hundred people in attendance and I chose to view the sections on Social Media and Reputation Management. I thought for sure that those would be the most attended sections of the entire conference because by now, surely all dealerships have figured out how to maximize their websites and leads, right? Well, as it turns out, I was one of about eight total people attending the social media and reputation management sections of the conference. WOW! Really? This is the one they should have all been at. Why was the attendance so low?

    My guess is that dealers are still hesitant on how to embrace social media. This is really of no surprise as many of them are still trying to figure out how to calculate their return on investment from it. The better way to view social media though is to use it, at least initially, as an extension of your customer service. Don’t stick your head in the sand and think that every person that comes to your dealership isn’t using social media simply because you don’t. They post before they even leave the lot! Whether it was good, bad or indifferent they are posting.

    Four tips to get you started

    1. Be part of the Conversation – Join Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Google Places and Yelp! for starters

    2. Monitor the conversation – Assign someone the responsibility of monitoring these new places and responding to both GOOD and BAD posts. It’d be wise to set up Google Alerts for your dealership name as well as the website name. (e.g. “My dealership Yelp!”)

    3. Be proactive – Start searching for your dealership’s name and other verbs like “bad service” “great service” etc. when you find them, add them to your list or alerts

    4.Plan to fail or fail to plan? – Create a daily, weekly and monthly strategy for monitoring and updating these new sites. Start slow, start small but, at least get started

    Using social media as an extension of your customer service strategy will get your feet wet with it as well as open your eyes to your reputation that is out on the world wide web. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find much or if you find a mountain of negative content. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

    How are you using social media in your dealership today? Comment below.


    high gas pricesThe ever increasing gas prices are driving the federal government to crack down on auto manufacturers for there vehicles to get better fuel milage but does that help or hurt automotive sales in the United States? We buy higher efficiency vehicles because the fuel prices are so high. Would we still be driving and buying H1 Hummers if gas prices were lower?

    The picture above was me getting fuel in my truck today. I got 25 gallons of 87 octane fuel at $3.68 a gallon. That’s slightly below the national average. I’ve owned this same truck for over 10 years and have maintained it exceptionally. It is more fuel efficient now than when I bought it with the help of a bunch of aftermarket parts. I’ve never thought about havin to spend a “Benny” on fuel (a Benny is a hundred dollar bill) but I nearly did today.

    I am the exception to the rule I’m sure but, I will never get rid of that old truck. No matter what it costs to keep it going, the cost of ownership is way lower than buying a new truck. Many people don’t think like that though. So that’s why I believe that the increasing fuel prices, government regulations and the faux need of a more fuel efficient car boosts car sales in the United States.

    What do you think? Comment below.


    automotive social mediaThe short answer is, yes! Most automotive manufacturers are starting to understand the importance of their dealers to have an active profile on many social media sites. The biggie of course is Facebook. So how do you have a successful Facebook presence and why is it important? Let’s find out.

    The “how” part is pretty simple. To create a page on Facebook you first have to have a profile. This can be anyone in the dealership. We would suggest that whomever is in charge of creating the profile adds at least two other people to be administrators of the page so, if needed, someone else can post and moderate comments on the page. The latest updates from Facebook have made getting people to like your page and more importantly to actually see the stuff your posting harder than ever. You used to be able to just make a post a day and get good interaction but, now you’ll have to step it up a bit. Unless people are actively engaged in your page, your posts will most likely not be seen. You should post three to five times a day! It may seem like a lot but, you can also send out repetitive posts. Remember, people are on Facebook at all different times of the day so those that saw your post in the morning, probably won’t see it at night. Just keep posting and promoting your page and the people will follow.

      So the big question is ‘why’? Why would an automotive dealer want to have an actively engaged Facebook page? How does it benefit the business? Well, think of Facebook (and all social media sites) as an extension of your customer service. Most people will post negative things immediately after the ‘offense’. They post it on Facebook and other social media sites to vent frustration and get feedback and/or support from their friends and family. You should know when this happens and more importantly be able to react when it does. The flip side to this is that when people are happy, they will do  the same but, the impact seems to be much greater. If your customer John Smith is super excited about his new truck, you can surely bet that his friends are gonna ask where he got it, how much he paid, how much horsepower it has and more. The key there is ‘where’d you get it’. People ask this because they want a review of the business they purchased from. Reviews whether on social media or actual review sites are more effective, powerful and relevant than ever before. Get on Facebook, engage and win over your local customer base before your competition does!


    automotive dealershipAutomotive dealerships still seem to be a bit behind the times when it comes to leveraging the massive amounts of free digital marketing assets available to them. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp!, Yahoo! Local, Bing, Google+ Pages, Dealer Rater and many, many more offer a great resource for dealerships to get their message out to their customers completely free of charge.

    Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media websites are an excellent way to introduce new products but, more importantly and more effectively can be used to extend the reach of your customer service. More and more younger and even older shoppers are utilizing social media to find out more about your dealership to decide whether or not they even want to stop by in person. The average consumer is now spending about 3 months online searching for their new vehicle but, more and more people are heavily relying on information they get from friends and family about their experiences at your dealership from social media.

    Online Reputation Management is a fairly new concept to automotive dealerships but, one that should not be taken lightly. Take Amazon.com for instance. They have implemented a review structure on every product they offer. Many shoppers there will find the product they want, scroll down to the reviews and see how many five star reviews they have in comparison to four, three, two and one star reviews. The products with an overwhelming number of four and five star reviews sell the best. Now, imagine your dealership is on Edmunds.com or Cars.com or the like. Someone is viewing inventory of you and your closest competitor and notice you have an average of 2 stars while your competitor has an average of 4 stars. Where do you think they will click? This happens all the time, everyday, all day long.

    Many dealerships whom have not yet embraced social media, reputation management and the entire idea of digital marketing are really going to come up short in the next few years. You just may want to check out our service which will not only bring you into the twenty first century but, will help you to start understanding digital marketing and how to leverage it to your advantage while also connecting you digitally with your current and potential customers.


    7.30am to 9.00am Wednesday March 28 The Secrets to Success � part one Bruce Dicker, BeeDeeBags 27.50 (includes breakfast) inc GST 9.30am to 10.00am Wednesday March 28 Regional Opportunities Briefing Tracey Lonergan Free inc GST 9.30am to 10.00am Wednesday March 28 The Secrets to Success � part two Featuring: Judy Galloway, Sureway Employment free inc GST 9.30am to 10.00am Wednesday March 28 Choosing the right sales channels for your business Ailsa Page free inc GST 10.30am to 11.00am Wednesday March 28 Third camel, fifth jar…and other fascinating tales about customer service Debra Templar free inc GST 10.30am to 11.00am Wednesday March 28 The Help is Out There Kate Rankin, Small Business Field Officer, Riverina Area Consultative Committee free inc GST 11.30am to 12noon Wednesday March 28 Working ON Your Business: The key to business success Wayne Murphy free inc GST 11.30am to 12noon Wednesday March 28 Managing the drought and coming out the other end a winner David Wilson free inc GST 11.30am to 12noon Wednesday March 28 How to fund cashflow for your business with Debtor Finance Alan Turner free inc GST 12.30pm to 1.00pm Wednesday March 28 Have you built yourself a business or bought yourself a job…and does it matter? John Brownsea free inc GST 12.30pm to 1.00pm Wednesday March 28 The Secrets to Success � part three Featuring: Daryl Day, Precision Parts free inc GST 12.30pm to 1.00pm Wednesday March 28 How to put up your price Ailsa Page free inc GST 1.30pm to 2.00pm Wednesday March 28 How to get all 8 types of buyers to buy from you Debra Templar free inc GST 2.30pm to 3.00pm Wednesday March 28 How to calculate your Charge out rate David Wilson free inc GST 2.30pm to 3.00pm Wednesday March 28 What Women Want: Marketing to Women Debra Templar free inc GST 3.30pm to 4.00pm Wednesday March 28 I think I can, I think I can: How to tap into motivation and spread the vibe John Brownsea free inc GST 3.30pm to 4.00pm Wednesday March 28 Unleash Powerful Promotion Ailsa Page free inc GST 4.30pm to 5.00pm Wednesday March 28 The Secrets to Success � Summary David Wilson free inc GST 4.30pm to 5.00pm Wednesday March 28 Mastering the basics of advertising Debra Templar, Australian Retail Services free inc GST 5.30pm to 7.00pm Wednesday March 28 It�s not what you say it�s the way that you say it: Business Communication Workshop John Brownsea free inc GST 5.30pm to 7.00pm Wednesday March 28 The Immigration Journey – An Employers Perspective free inc GST

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    12th 2012Atlas Sound show

    Posted under Uncategorized

    SOMA is very proud to announce that Atlas Sound, the side project of Bradford Cox from Deerhunter, will be playing at Alumni Hall in the HUB on January 21! That is next Saturday at 7/8pm and this show is probably the only way to start your semester off well. This will be a very unique experience for Penn State students; it’s only so often one of the biggest people in experimental music comes to your school. Openers for Atlas Sound are “Costello and the Coal Miners” of Pittsburgh and Tutlie from Philadelphia. We’ll see you there!

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    Posted under Uncategorized

    Hey everyone!

    Arts Crawl will be on March 30, 2012 from 5pm to 11pm with its headquarters in the Visual Arts building. It’s nice to be official about it, huh? Anyway, this year’s Arts Crawl will be more fun than you can imagine… try to think about how awesome it will be. I’ll wait. Yeah, better than that. Anyway, if you are an artist or in a club that does any sort of art get in touch with me (Kyle) or someone from your department for information about how to be a part of making Arts Crawl incredible. If you aren’t, still come out to admire the talent and creativity of Penn State students and be in a mosh pit for the headliner, no matter what genre they are. Or just stand in the back with your arms folded smoking an e-cig. We don’t judge too much. If you are in a band or know someone in a band who would like to play see the previous post.

    If you’d like to make your attendance facebook-official, you can join the page or whatever you meddling kids do these days.

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    9th 2012Attention PA bands (part 2)!

    Posted under Uncategorized

    SOMA is looking for bands to perform at this year’s Arts Crawl! It is on March 30 and slots go from 5-10pm. If you or anyone you know is in a band please apply as soon as you can. This is a great chance to meet other artists from the state and check out some of the art that students produce at Penn State. You can find instructions for applying on the facebook page. We hope to hear from you soon!

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    Campionato 1997-98 – ii� girone

    Partite della Giornata Ris. Punti TIEN’ A MMENT’ 19 6 1 1 11 5 6 571 71,38
    ALL BLACKS 16 5 1 2 14 5 9 573,5 71,69
    TIEN’ A MMENT’ REICHIAVIC 1 0 70,5 63 PODEROSA 11 3 2 3 13 13 0 581 72,63
    ALL BLACKS PODEROSA 1 2 71,5 76 PINGO DOCE 10 3 1 4 13 10 3 564 70,5
    FRESH LURID 0 3 64 76 MACH 11 10 2 4 2 7 8 -1 532 66,5
    MACH 11 PINGO DOCE 1 0 69 63,5 FRESH 8 1 5 2 8 14 -6 545 68,13
    REICHIAVIC 8 2 2 4 5 10 -5 537,5 67,19
    LURID 6 2 0 6 9 15 -6 549 68,63
    9a GIORNATA 14-dic-97 CLASSIFICA
    Partite della Giornata Ris. Punti TIEN’ A MMENT’ 22 7 1 1 15 5 10 647,5 71,94
    ALL BLACKS 19 6 1 2 16 6 10 644 71,56
    REICHIAVIC ALL BLACKS 1 2 66 70,5 PODEROSA 12 3 3 3 14 14 0 650 72,22
    TIEN’ A MMENT’ MACH 11 4 0 76,5 56 PINGO DOCE 10 3 1 5 13 13 0 624 69,33
    PODEROSA FRESH 1 1 69 66 MACH 11 10 2 4 3 7 12 -5 588 65,33
    PINGO DOCE LURID 0 3 60 74 LURID 9 3 0 6 12 15 -3 623 69,22
    FRESH 9 1 6 2 9 15 -6 611 67,89
    REICHIAVIC 8 2 2 5 6 12 -6 603,5 67,06
    10a GIORNATA 21-dic-97 CLASSIFICA
    Partite della Giornata Ris. Punti TIEN’ A MMENT’ 23 7 2 1 16 6 10 719 71,9
    ALL BLACKS 20 6 2 2 17 7 10 710,5 71,05
    LURID REICHIAVIC 3 2 80,5 72 PODEROSA 13 3 4 3 17 17 0 729,5 72,95
    FRESH TIEN’ A MMENT’ 1 1 71 71,5 LURID 12 4 0 6 15 17 -2 703,5 70,35
    MACH 11 PODEROSA 3 3 79 79,5 PINGO DOCE 11 3 2 5 14 14 0 690,5 69,05
    ALL BLACKS PINGO DOCE 1 1 66,5 66,5 MACH 11 11 2 5 3 10 15 -5 667 66,7
    FRESH 10 1 7 2 10 16 -6 682 68,2
    REICHIAVIC 8 2 2 6 8 15 -7 675,5 67,55
    11a GIORNATA 4-gen-98 CLASSIFICA
    Partite della Giornata Ris. Punti ALL BLACKS 23 7 2 2 19 7 12 784,5 71,32
    TIEN’ A MMENT’ 23 7 2 2 16 8 8 783,5 71,23
    PODEROSA REICHIAVIC 3 1 79 70,5 PODEROSA 16 4 4 3 20 18 2 808,5 73,5
    TIEN’ A MMENT’ ALL BLACKS 0 2 64,5 74 LURID 15 5 0 6 16 17 -1 772 70,18
    LURID MACH 11 1 0 68,5 64,5 FRESH 13 2 7 2 12 17 -5 754,5 68,59
    PINGO DOCE FRESH 1 2 69,5 72,5 PINGO DOCE 11 3 2 6 15 16 -1 760 69,09
    MACH 11 11 2 5 4 10 16 -6 731,5 66,5
    REICHIAVIC 8 2 2 7 9 18 -9 746 67,82
    12a GIORNATA 11-gen-98 CLASSIFICA
    Partite della Giornata Ris. Punti TIEN’ A MMENT’ 23 7 2 3 16 10 6 849 70,75
    ALL BLACKS 23 7 2 3 19 10 9 848,5 70,71
    REICHIAVIC PINGO DOCE 2 0 72 65 PODEROSA 19 5 4 3 22 18 4 880,5 73,38
    PODEROSA TIEN’ A MMENT’ 2 0 72 65,5 LURID 18 6 0 6 19 17 2 847 70,58
    ALL BLACKS LURID 0 3 64 75 MACH 11 14 3 5 4 14 17 -3 813,5 67,79
    MACH 11 FRESH 4 1 82 69,5 FRESH 13 2 7 3 13 21 -8 824 68,67
    PINGO DOCE 11 3 2 7 15 18 -3 825 68,75
    REICHIAVIC 11 3 2 7 11 18 -7 818 68,17
    13a GIORNATA 18-gen-98 CLASSIFICA
    Partite della Giornata Ris. Punti TIEN’ A MMENT’ 23 7 2 4 17 12 5 919,5 70,73
    ALL BLACKS 23 7 2 4 20 12 8 914,5 70,35
    FRESH REICHIAVIC 1 0 67,5 63,5 LURID 21 7 0 6 21 18 3 920,5 70,81
    LURID TIEN’ A MMENT’ 2 1 73,5 70,5 PODEROSA 19 5 4 4 22 20 2 946 72,77
    PINGO DOCE PODEROSA 2 0 72,5 65,5 MACH 11 17 4 5 4 16 18 -2 888,5 68,35
    MACH 11 ALL BLACKS 2 1 75 66 FRESH 16 3 7 3 14 21 -7 891,5 68,58
    PINGO DOCE 14 4 2 7 17 18 -1 897,5 69,04
    REICHIAVIC 11 3 2 8 11 19 -8 881,5 67,81
    14a GIORNATA 25-gen-98 CLASSIFICA
    Partite della Giornata Ris. Punti TIEN’ A MMENT’ 23 7 2 5 17 14 3 983,5 70,25
    ALL BLACKS 23 7 2 5 20 15 5 973,5 69,54
    REICHIAVIC MACH 11 2 1 72 66 LURID 22 7 1 6 22 19 3 988,5 70,61
    TIEN’ A MMENT’ PINGO DOCE 0 2 64 73 PODEROSA 20 5 5 4 23 21 2 1016,5 72,61
    PODEROSA LURID 1 1 70,5 68 FRESH 19 4 7 3 17 21 -4 962,5 68,75
    ALL BLACKS FRESH 0 3 59 71 PINGO DOCE 17 5 2 7 19 18 1 970,5 69,32
    MACH 11 17 4 5 5 17 20 -3 954,5 68,18
    REICHIAVIC 14 4 2 8 13 20 -7 953,5 68,11
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    Paraiso maravilla , the elegant alternative.

    Ferrell Catering

    5100 Westheimer, Suite 200
    Houston, TX 77056

    4141 Hollister
    Houston, TX 77080

    Tel : 713-968-6515

    Web Address:

    Ferrell Catering

    Starting in 1959 as a
    mom-and-pop business operated from thegarage turned into a kitchen
    – Bennie Ferrell Catering has grown to become one of the largest and
    most recommended catering services in the Houston area.

    Known also for its professional staff and service,
    as well as an overriding customer satisfaction, the company specializes
    in a variety of gourmet and international cuisines. Some specialties
    include pecan smoked beef tenderloin, marinated shrimp, and many
    recipes are still closely guarded family secrets. The company has
    also developed a trademark chocolate truffle with 24-karat gold
    that has been featured in national and local newspapers and magazines.

    Bennie Ferrell Catering currently handles 3-5
    parties on an average day, but in December, the company’s busiest
    month, may handle up to 30 parties a day. The company caters from
    small intimate parties to large events for more than 10,000 people,
    including banquets, weddings, social and special events.

    In addition to extraordinary food service, Bennie
    Ferrell catering also specializes in theme parties, handling many
    other arrangements including entertainment, props, decorations,
    flowers, etc., for its clients.

    Although founder Bennie Ferrell passed away
    in 1979, wife Norma and daughters Renee and Cynthia still carry
    on the family tradition of providing high-quality food combined
    with the highest-quality professional service. It is truly a matter
    of pride.

    Controlling skin | medical online information

    Skin psoriasis is really a non-contagious, chronic skin ailment that comes from a faulty defense mechanisms. Because skin psoriasis doesn’t have definitive cure, you will find many remedies for skin psoriasis which are presently available. Conventional drugs and remedies frequently include harmful risks and unwanted effects. Systemic skin psoriasis medicine is effective but have heavy effects-it can be the individual to weigh the options.

    Systemic skin psoriasis drugs are utilized to treat moderate to severe types of skin psoriasis. They’re body-wide drugs which are taken orally or injected. Three of the largest dental systemic drugs for skin psoriasis are methotrexate, cyclosporine, and acitretin.

    Methotrexate is definitely an immunosuppressive drug accustomed to lessen the signs and symptoms of skin psoriasis. It’s good at controlling the rapid development of skin cells as well as provides respite from psoriatic joint disease. Methotrexate isn’t suitable for patients who’ve liver disease, stomach problems, kidney problems, or low whitened bloodstream cell count. It’s also not suggested for ladies who intend to conceive within the next couple of years, as it can result in birth defects. Lengthy-term unwanted effects of methotrexate can include liver damage, lymphoma, bone marrow toxicity, as well as an elevated risk for infection because of a decrease in whitened bloodstream cells.

    Cyclosporine is really a drug accustomed to suppress the defense mechanisms. It suppresses certain cells and may provide quick skin psoriasis relief within the short-term. Cyclosporine is generally taken orally by means of capsules, and doses should be on schedule. Skin psoriasis patients who’re also receiving treatment with light box therapy or coal tar may develop cancer of the skin when taking cyclosporine. Other risks from cyclosporine include potential kidney damage and the introduction of hypertension thus, frequent kidney examinations and bloodstream pressure monitoring are very important. Unwanted effects can include headache, high cholesterol levels, elevated hair regrowth, skin sensitivity, stomach pain, fatigue, and joint discomfort. Cyclosporine, although good at rapid-term, isn’t a perfect lengthy-term strategy to controlling skin psoriasis because it is not suggested for use more than annually.

    Soriatane, also called acitretin, is definitely an dental retinoid. Dental retinoids contain vit a, that has been proven to work in dealing with skin psoriasis. Soriatane capsules are taken orally with food. Respite from signs and symptoms might be slow and gradual frequently 2 to 4 several weeks might be required to see improvement. It’s not suggested like a strategy to skin psoriasis patients who’ve liver or kidney problems, high triglycerides, or allergic reactions towards retinoids. Ladies who are pregnant or breastfeeding also needs to avoid Soriatane, as it can certainly cause serious birth defects as much as three years after preventing dosage. Other possible unwanted effects include hair thinning, bleeding nicotine gums, elevated sensitivity to sunlight, depression, ideas of self-mutilation, joint discomfort, and liver issues.

    Although these 3 medicines work well for controlling skin psoriasis within the short-term, you will find many risks patients have to you should consider before using systemic drugs for skin psoriasis. You will find a number of other remedies readily available for skin psoriasis which are both natural and efficient.

    Danielle W. Lee is really a former skin psoriasis sufferer who found her cure through careful learning from mistakes. She attempted conventional skin psoriasis remedies recommended to her by doctors, but discovered that not one of them labored for lengthy. She grew to become thinking about dealing with skin psoriasis naturally after researching the frightening unwanted effects of numerous conventional drugs. Through her research, she’s discovered one hundredPercent cure for skin psoriasis that’s safe, effective, and economical. Check out http://psoriasisnomore.internet to learn more.


    Be prepared: Palawan’s undeveloped landscape and rich terrain is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Before traveling to Palawan you should obtain a prescription
    for anti-malaria pills to be on the safe side.

    Palawan’s northern tip is home to some of the most exclusive and beautiful island beach resorts in the Philippines and is peppered with reserves and parks.

    > Calauit Island, on the northwestern coast of Palawan, is a game preserve and wildlife sanctuary which stretches 3,700 hectares.
    > Tubbataha National Marine Reef Park, Rita Island at Tres Marias, Pandan Island, and Panglima Reefs are all perfect diving and  snorkeling spots.
    > Ursula Island provides a birds sanctuary where thousands of birds come to roost each evening.
    > El Nido Marine Reserve occupies almost 100,000 hectares and is the home of a number of diverse ecosystems – rainforest, mangroves, white sand beaches,
    coral reefs, and limestone cliffs. It is now one of the island’s leading destinations. Innumerable species of fish share the reefs with manta rays and rare sea cow
    (dugong, locally).

    Serious climbers and mountaineers can avail themselves of the 1605 meter Cleopatra’s Needle. The peak offers a panorama with the city of Cabayugan in the
    distance on the island’s coastline. The climb starts with a four-day hike from Taqnaya to the mountain. That trip takes trekkers past rock-filled rivers, white water
    streams, grandiose rock formations, wild flowers and ancient trees.

    It is possible to enjoy much of the best that Palawan has to offer without traveling far from Puerto Princessa.

    Puerto Princesa itself is a compact and well kept little city of about 150,000 people. It has won several prestigious awards for environmental and ecotourism
    activities. The city was only founded in 1970 and its youth probably adds to it environment-friendly status. Puerto Princessa regularly wins the country’s Cleanest and
    Greenest City award.

    Puerto Princessa has managed though in a short 35 years to become a bustling urban center with an airport, an electrical plant, universities and schools,
    telecommunication facilities, banks, etc.

    It is also a major shipping center for the Philippines. Most of the city’s residents, though, are engaged in farming or fishing.
    Besides ecotourism, Puerto Princessa offers some history. A visit to the Palawan Museum to see archeological artifacts and fossils is worth some time during your

    The city has a visible Vietnamese community who settled there after the war. They are active in the business sector and their restaurants offer delicious authentic
    Vietnamese cuisine.

    The most popular attraction in the immediate area of the city is St. Paul Subterranean River National Park, which includes an 8.2 kilometer navigable underground
    river – the longest such river in the world. The park was started in 1971 and occupies just under 4000 acres of land. The river meanders through an incredible cave
    before reaching the South China Sea. High chambers, wide hallways, and odd geologic formations will fascinate the voyager in the little grotto hidden under St. Paul
    Mountain. At the mouth of the cave is a clear lagoon surrounded by aged trees which come to the very edge of the water. Large monitor lizards, monkeys and
    squirrels find spots on the beach to sun themselves. Not far off is a wide beach where travelers can recover from the trip down river of trek of to hidden little coves
    which offer more privacy. The trip to the park takes three to four hours on bumpy roads; then there is a 30 minutes boat ride to get to the park. The scenery on the
    river itself is well worth the trip.

    Also south from Puerto Princessa is Salakot Falls. The moderate-sized water fall offers a nice place to play in the crystal water. A resort with clean comfort rooms
    and cottages is available.

    Honda Bay is about half an hour north of Puerto Princessa by boat. The bay’s small islands could feel up days of exploring or provide the perfect spot for sun
    worship on one of the dozens of white sands beaches. Snorkel to you heart’s content. There are dive sites galore on the coral studded reefs.

    Puerto Princessa and the larger province of Palawan is a beach lover’s dream come true. It is also one of the best nature getaways you’ll ever find.

    Enjoy Palawan…

    – Greg Cruey / Asia for Visitors