Xfx 1gb radeon hd 5850 black edition

XFX 1GB RADEON HD 5850 Black Edition

Friday, March 26th, 2010 at
2:39 am  
XFX 1GB RADEON HD 5850 Black Edition

XFX 1GB RADEON HD 5850 Black Edition

XFX 1GB RADEON HD 5850 Black Edition

I tested this card now for 3 days.
Before I had years of Nividia graphics and was relatively happy, but then I’m also due to the new ATI DX11 versions changed and truly regret in any way!
This card from XFX, the Vorrezensent had been described as my overclocked, and with the level of 5870 may well compete is very quiet, my feelings for and consumes relatively little power.
Have they been tested with many games and can not find a deficit:)
My system consists of a P5Q SE2, an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, 4GB RAM, and stop this beautiful card.
all games on maximum graphics settings with 1680×1050 pixels.
GTA IV runs great and not jerky!
DiRT2 (which beiligt the card as a voucher): 1A runs and looks Great, thanks for the new DX11 effects.
Modern Warfare 2: Found no negative aspects.

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