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This app is designed for anyone who has a dream and wants to fulfill it. The app allows you to create and design your own dream books. Customize pages with multiple photos, stickers, borders and more. Create as many books as you like. Post and share books with friends, the app also includes a series of Daily Affirmations, a 52 Page Story, Workbook and


Self | Work | Life

Reclaim your power and reclaim your life. Unlock the secrets to your own personal power and be more in control of your life. The Powerful Woman USA program is a series of 8 Audios that will transform your life. Providing you with essential tools to improve your mental and physical energy and balance your work, home and personal life. If you’re feeling overwhelmed in your life; then this is the program for you.

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Join Karen every week to get the latest on living the Soma 365 Lifestyle. From Fashion, Beauty, Health, Parenting, Baby, Kids, Family, Crafts and Inspiration. Watch Karen and Soma 365 on you local TV station and check out our weekly features. Karen and Soma 365 are featured on Sinclair Broadcasting Groups Network of channels throughout the US.

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Check out a Soma 365 Living everyday and feel motivated, empowered and inspired.

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