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So if you’ve come across this page, it’s because you put in justinperry.com, and what I really wanted to do was divert you to justinandallegra.com….. Anyway, have looked throught the pages, and hopefully nothing too embarassing, though think a theme emerges that I hit this post when I’m commuting or when I’m dealing with jetlag (case in point it is now 1:20am).

 Anyway, as always will try to update my other post as we go through our cycling adventure. Looking forward to getting some sun, putting in some kilometres, and raising some mone for the Marsden.

All the Best.


Look to the clock on the wall,
Hands hardly moving at all.
Can’t stand the state that I’m in
Sometimes it feels like the walls closing in.

– Brandi Carlile

So that’s where I was on the plane last night, in the middle seat of a tin can doing the second flight of the bumpy night across the atlantic, not sure whether I had come nor gone. Pretty sure a few miles in the belt I took a notch out of since takeoff two weeks ago. Some little bruises on the inside of my head where a thought had passed and never left, a sunset or a sunrise depends on the angle you’re catching it at right, it’s the same yellow orb we’re rotating around.

So he’re’s a commitment – I’m going to find some time to post some really inconsequential words on the web, to substantiate that J-was-here and because my little bro made a rock solid carolina blue blog. A shout out to my arnold homey for keeping it real and — for putting this together.

To more time for words, less time for formatting and powerpoint… everyone crank up the Album Leaf, and have a Camomille.

Good Night Maryland.


2 Hours to Stansted, 4 hours in Stansted, i just love that Ryainair closes all of their flights early and their check-in lines take an hour. The plan is now Poitiers to Tours, will be interesting I’m sure

3-years, 30-years become a matter of interpretation. Little Siloe, a walk on the Heath, time falls so fast it almost makes a sound, that little woosh in the back of the ears, as the year, as the year, blows by.
Good friends just happen, like sunrises and sunsets, its the company y0u keep. A little Ivy on the rooftop, an open door for the breeze to embrace. It’s the pictures you seize, some golf with guiness, a commute to a distant seaside, that don’t count for anything but everything. Happy 30th, looking forward to tomorrow.

Trying to find words for something that was so beautiful that everything stopped can be futile, but you try, because you must capture a moment that will live, forever who knows, but that lives on. The lightest of haze only there to capture sunlight, the town across the bay, only there through the centuries for that night. Friends from aroun\d the world, who were here, here being good, the night being too short. The promenade, the vows, little imperfections that made it more real. The final walk around is what I will remember always, a hand in mine, a slow promenade around to close the eve. Bad dancing, fun music, good friends, you capture it all in the back and then you share on that last walk. Thank you so much for those who made the 1,600 odd pictures fail to capture a tenth of what I felt. You don’t try to hold what will always be a living evening. I thank those that made it so special, you know who you are.

Well, panic has set in, the calendar revealing a little less than two months until W-day, and the haunting words of one F. Wiklund: “Wedding Pictures are Forever” — has pushed me over to the non-carb side….. So far it’s been three days of chicken breasts,/lamb/bacon omelettes for every meal, but for those of you who know me, that isn’t much of a stretch. The true madness lies at the South Beach approach to Beer, which is namely abstinence… that will be the true battle of wills, and well if that weren’t sadistic enough, no coffee in the first few weeks. So far the milligrams are sliding right off, and at this rate I could lose up to a kilo in 2.5 years. Will keep everyone posted as soon as I get to a weight that I feel comfortable publishing.

Anyway enough Bride talk. Back to the grind. Elis wherever you are, I hope you are sunburned and food poisoned, the desk isn’t the same without you.


Well did the Cotswolds, Liverpool and Manchester for the weekend. Had a great time and thanks very much to Rick/Gena and Darryl/Nic (and little Sienna)!!!

– $6+ a gallon??? are you kidding me
– driving on the right hand side of the road is bound to end in tears
– Liverpool – there is a reason the Beatles left
– 105mph and your still getting passed? Toll roads are the British AutoBahn
– every rest stop in England has a KFC in it
– Manchester…. well I hear there’s a pretty good football team there

Well, it took 15 minutes of focused thought, but have learned how to shrink files from our camera (average of 3mb) to a more manageable size, and have therefore started uploading some of our recent trips….. will see how far this project takes us….


Well, has been a pretty busy one — dance lessons, multiple dinners, hardcore gym, wedding shopping, and now a haircut and then planting some spring flowers on the deck. Can’t complain, has been a nice one particularly after the adventure of having a head MRI last thursday and getting the results. As always Professor Gore and the staff at the Marsden were wonderful — particularly Jenny H. — really a caring team that makes you feel like they have your best interest at heart. Am hopeful that I’ll get a chance to do a significant fundraising event for them sometime in the future, but will post more about that as I get a little more definition around what I’d like to do.

Busy week next week, a few meetings — and then on a more exciting note, St. Petersburg with Allegra. Should be a good time – though the weather forecast is a little on the “humid” side. Will definitely post pictures from that.

Anyway — will continue writing, coming up with a list of “To Do’s” for the coming few months:
– get UK drivers license (both car and motorcycle
– buy a car and a motorcycle
– think about a residence in Provence
– join Stoke Park
– upgrade entertainment system
– hit South America for Xmas
– get back in shape (95 kilos anyone?)
– go to a lymphedema clinic to resolve right leg
– study Italian
– take some more guitar lessons
– continue book of short stories
– take dance lessons (Ramba/Foxtrot/ and most importantly Salsa)
– buy a place in the UK
– get UK passport
oh well — long list, let’s see how far I can get…….


I have yet to get better at updating this, and am seriously considering going over to the Dark Side – MySpace, in hopes that I’ll be able to post pictures and keep this updated on a more regular basis. The crucial decision will be down to whether this will offend Lehman Brothers’ Browser sensibilities, in which case I’m staying here — up until they edit out www.justinperry.etc. etc.

So what’s new, 3 months and counting on the wedding front. Heading to St. Petersburg for Easter…. unfortunately it looks like it’s still snowing there, so may not get that much desired post-vacation glow…. but guess that doesn’t matter considering the third degree scorching that I received down in the Bahamas.

Thanks again to everyone who made it, thanks particularly to Lance/Zane/Iain who managed to arrange and organize (in that order) the fesitivities. I think it is a testament to my “readiness to marry” that I was safey in bed before the angry Bellquist or Sargent’s came out.

What else — hoping to get some pictures up soon….. will make sure I have some from St. Petersburg. JP

Well as anticipated in my last post, the dreary days of February are well underway – fortunately the days are already getting longer, if not warmer and sunnier. It has been a relatively calm 2006 so far, punctuated by a brief trip to sunny Seville and quaint Stavenger Norway. Unfortunately the Norway trip saw my third Ipod migrate to the airline lost and found desk in the sky. Oh well, had been looking for a reason to get the 5G, and as Allegra is an Apple shareholder she is convinced that my loss will be offset by appreciation of her shares – Equity Analyst anyone???? just kidding… Anyway, I think the project for this week will be to get some pictures up on this site. Issue is we have been using our new Canon SLR which takes beautiful pictures — that are about 4mb a piece — which makes uploading them somewhat ardous…. we’ll see if I can figure out a way to shrink the files.

Anyway, it’s t-minus 4 months until the wedding — very excited, plenty of trips between now and then…… Lance and Zane have organized my bachelor’s in the Bahamas — Paris/Venice for a weekend with Allegra, and finally St. Petersburg for Easter….. really looking forward to it —- oh,,, and most importantly Bali for our honeymoon….

Well, at least I put a few words up — hopefully will do that on a more regular basis.


Daylights fleeting, days linger folding to night too quickly but left awake bathed by the warm lcd rays when home in bed is where I want to be. Such is the run up to christmas, but I must admit the little twinkling lights that break the sheet of night, well they make it better, I suppose the anticipation of presents given way to reviews and dollars and hopefully one step closer to that long walk on the beach, well that keeps you going.

Still the brutality of January and February tempering the build to the holidays…. they inhabit that time just around the corner, the days are still short, the year too long, no reason to lose sleep and there you are in December. Disorganized little bytes on a Saturday Winter afternoon…..

It’s been 9-years since my time at Chapel Hill, and the time went where?? Anyway, will be my second ever Thanksgiving down the NC way, and the first one ever for Allegra. What else new? Finalising plans for our trip to Verbier this year, the entire Piaggi clan will be travelling en masse out to do a fair bit of skiing. Immediately prior both the Perrys/Piaggi’s will be in London for what will surely be a very cosy Christmas…..

Vacation on the mind.


….on the best of us. Look at you, you’re growing old so young….. traffic lights they catch-you in the evening, turn your head and catch-the-sun….. “So am listening to the “Stars”, a considerable new favourite that has warmed me to the very core of my Visa, which has taken down at least three full albums, without pause. Stars: Elevator Love Song/Heart/Don’t be Afraid to Sing/Celebration Guns

Also mixing in a little Mike Doughty, former lead singer of Soul Coughing. Looking At the World from the Bottom of a Well/I Hear Bells
“Lonely, and the only way to beat it is to bat it down, and the only way to beat it is to bat it down, and the only way to beat it is to bat it down, Lonely, and the only way to beat it is to bat it down, and the only way to beat it is to bat it down, and the only way to beat it is to bat it down”

Unfortunately I get the full 1.5hrs a day of music/FT time. If I’m good and come in early to go to the gym I get to spread out the voluminious pink FT pages out in front of me rather than while shuffling around standing up….. Only in London…. my mind digesting the UK business wrap, DJ’ing my own commuting collage.

Anyway, so we’ve established I’m listening to my newest Itunes collections, I’m afraid I’ve become a little fast on the trigger with my song choices. Something wrong about deleting the song you just paid 99cents for, because you realize it’s shiite 5 seconds past the opening verse. Such is a life of ADD, Bloomberg, Reuters, the Hoot, the phone, blackberry…. less information, more content, that’s the motto…

Well I’ve struggled through another post, another day.


Doesn’t take much to make one happy, when avoiding eviction and getting a repaired computer back after 4 months constitutes as an epic win… but smiling is nice and comes infrequently these days, so will count my mini-blessings as the lay me down….. but that’s bs and I know it, Marrakech was beautiful, our garden blooms and Itunes has yielded a bumper crop of new favorites:
– Mushaboom by Feist enchants
– Hold Tight London powers in a new day/night
– Night at the Carasaverni lulls into waves
and the soundtrack plays on, behind days that push too much into nights, without leaving much to show, except for the luxury of chasing those random detached evenings that make my days count. And chase them we do…

So a wedding approaches, am looking forward, expectant more than anxious for once in a long while, the unknown lives here, it’s weight felt, but I carry it, and still find that next step.

Will be a beautiful party on the other side of these long winter nights. Looking forward to the holidays, the days, the snow, the vacation, until then…. I’ll get me some sleep. Tomorrow.

Allegra is already asleep, that’s where I want to be.


Am slowly realizing that I’m not the most regular blogger…. of course the recent demise of my home computer hasn’t helped things — and has really made the posting of pictures rather challenging….. it’s a running bet to see whether or not I will give in and buy a new computer, or whether I’ll arrange the intercontinental shipping necessary to get this thing repaired…. if they had Best Buy over here, I’m pretty sure I’d be long a second computer by now, of course have a work computer sitting on my desk with a stellar 56K modem (remember those — you can actually download a picture an hour, tres cool).

Anyway, it’s been over a month since my last post and it’s been a busy one at that. In late June/early July:
– Trip with the guys to Moscow — highly recommended
– Live 8 Concert (Thanks Alessia!!) — U2, Coldplay, The Killers, Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Snoop Dogg, Snow Patrol, Stereophonics (my pick of the lot), Elton John, Dido, and my absolute favourite Ms. Dynamite
– Wedding with Allegra in Stockholm — great time, beautiful weather, scenic cruise through the city/countryside
– Summer Fete Chez Nous — one of the prettiest evenings in London with 35 – 40 friends crammed on to our 8X8 foot deck
– US Trip— London-NYC-Detroit-Cleveland (you betcha)-NYC-Paris-London, four days 6 cities, one crazy dutchman, 6 DCM people, and roughly 22 bars + Lance Armstrong winning his 7th….. not the best weather, but really glad I was there to see it
That’s basically it, there were some opportunities missed, ie. Emre’s wedding in Istanbul, but think that all-in-all been a fairly activity packed few weeks.

On the work front, have been expanding the coverage to include UK/Ireland/Scandi corps, so hopefully will be spending some more time focusing on those geographies over the coming weeks…..

What else? Well, think the most important thing will be to get some pics up sooner rather than later. My camera is up and runnding and when I get the computer back on line, will have a gallery to post……

Upcoming Next Week: Brussels-London-NYC-LA-Cabo (hopefully)-NYC-London coming up for: THE ENGAGEMENT party and Chas’ Bachelor party, and hopefully will get some time sitting on the beach and in the gym…… need to loose a few of the chemo pounds (thought that was supposed to work the other way????)

Am of course glossing over some of the follow-up health concerns, but am keeping my fingers crossed and trying to move forward with rehab and life…..


Just returned back from the long awaited week-long trip to Italy. It was a much needed vacation that saw us spend time in Naples, Sardegna, Sorrento and Ischia. The weather cooperated and both Allegra and I came back tan and at least 5-pasta-packed-pounds heavier. In my next post I’ll put up the links to the wedding sites we visited, but right now, just wanted to let everyone know that the pictures are posted.

Talk to you soon.


So it’s been three days since the last chemo, this one is considerably less fun than the others — but it’s a beautiful day and we have a long weekend, so I won’t complain. Hopefully going to listen to some live music this weekend, take it easy, and get ready for one last week before we get to head down to Sardenia. As I’m wrapping this stuff up, I need something to look forward too…. time to get back on the road… Well about to head into a meeting (been on the calendar too long to reschedule)…. C’est la vie….

Hey, successfully uploaded some of the pics from Stapleford Park — was a great weekend. Just got back from Dublin… need sleep, heading to bed…. will get more pictures up soon.


Well at this rate I’ll have two posts per month, will see what I can do to increase that number.

After too many months spending weekends in the apartment, Allegra and I finally escaped the confines of London for the countryside of Lecestershire about 2hrs (during off-peak traffic) North of the city. We spent two very relaxing days at Stapleford Park (http://www.stapleford.co.uk/estate/park_and_garden.htm), was a fantastic way to unwind and get some fresh air…. and do a number of activities:
– Clay Shooting
– Falconry
– Golf
– Spa
– Tennis
and fortunately for once in quite along time the weather cooperated… beautiful sunny days for the entire weekend, it was great.

We took a ton of pictures and are trying to post them (actually just got a new camera: http://reviews.cnet.com/Casio_Exilim_EX-S100/4505-6501_7-31205880.html — which somehow went to a rating of 8.0 to 6.8 since I ordered the thing…. anyway is a great little camera that will be able to take everywhere), but need to get Zane to take care of sorting out the uploading as these files are fairly big.

Well that’s all from now, hopefully will have the pics up by the end of the week. Have a number of trips on the horizon: Italy, Sweden, Moscow, Vegas, Los Angeles and hopefully one or two other days on the side. Will be taking a decision on my 5th round of chemo by the end of the week, but feeling pretty good so will hopefull grin, bear it and be done and on with life afterwards.


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