E-business tools

E-business technology can
be used to change radically the way that a company operates. 
Existing IT Technical staff may not be able to clearly envision
the impact of change, primarily because they lack experience and
exposure to changing ways of conducting a business.

E-business is the
application of internet technologies to business processes, making
it possible to achieve far greater efficiencies in sales and
marketing, customer relationship management, inventory management,
employee communications and so on.  The technology can be
used to change radically the way a business operates.

However, managers must be
willing to accept rapid and radical change if a traditional
business is to be transformed into an e-business.  The
technology is only a set of enabling tools.

It is entirely possible
to adopt e-business tools and then circumvent them.  For
example, managers who get assistants to print out e-mails, type
responses and file printed versions of electronic documents. 
They might think they are adapting to the internet, but in reality
they are resisting change.

E-business also involves
a leap of faith.  For those who have experienced the “PC
revolution” and then the “client-server revolution” and other IT
trends, e-business may look like just the latest IT

The truth is that the
skeptics are not far off the mark.  Over the past year, all
of the leading computer and software companies have launched
e-business tools and services.  In some cases, these are
little more than repackaged, recycled products from the last IT

E-business is not a magic
elixir.  It represents a very important, yet very expensive
and complex transition to a new generation of information

MNA Services can provide
technical consultants to assist your transition into an
e-business, providing skills without increasing your

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