Affordable tent decorating

More and more brides are choosing outside weddings for their special day. When using a tent some are not sure what to do to spruce it up a bit. Tent liners are a beautiful addition to the ceiling of the tent. This service may require a chunk of your wedding budget. While prices can range from 4k-8k, many are finding that this is a nicety not a necessity. We have found a solution to this. The process can be done by a decor company or on a DIY basis (requiring the following: fabrics, attachments, lights, ladders, sometimes scaffolding, and, about 8 man hours) When considering this option you must think of the overall picture. Do you have someone you trust to do the quality work you expect? Will this person be a major part of your event? If so when can they get to work so they can still make the wedding? The latter mainly depends on the venue. Will they allow your volunteer to climb ladders on the premises. When will the venue allow them on site to decorate. Be sure to discuss the details with all your vendors and your venue coordinator.  Attempting to do this process while others are setting up around them could cause unnecessary chaos and may be a safety hazard.

Now to the how to part of this process. You MUST know the size and dimensions of your tent. You will probably need at the least, 300 yards of fabric You need to decide on a fabric. We do not recommend organza or sheer fabric on a hex tent that has cables running from corner to corner. A satin or solid fabric is recommended  to cover the cables. If you are using a rectangular tent with center poles the organza can be used however, keep in mind it is a light fabric and windy conditions will cause it to blow around and possibly get twisted up. If incorporating lights into the decor be sure you know where you electrical outlets are on the premises and use extension cords accordingly. Be sure to use outdoor lights that stay cool in temperature. Next you need to figure out how you will attach the fabric to the ceiling which will consist of drawing a diagram to show where you want it to hang. be sure to ask what the the policy is for attaching the material to the tent. You do not have to pin it to the actual tent if you take the time to concentrate on the structure and frame.

All in all the process can be long if you have not done this before. So the question I ask you is,

Do you have the extra time while planning your event to perfect the details. After all you will be preparing for that journey down the aisle. Keep in mind that someone will need to take down the fabric after the event.

I hope this information has given you what you need to decorate your tent, if you do not have the ability or resources to do it on your own, a professional can do it for you and it will still cost less than a liner if you choose the right professional with the right staff and expertise.

Happy Planning!!

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