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Have you already known about GDS International Company? If  you a kind of people that spend most of your time using internet, you should already know about GDS Publishing Scam. Our specification is to manage sales industry avtivities.

GDS International has published numerous scams investigation. One of the biggest GDS publishing scam is the $2. 5 trillion global oil scam. ICE, the intercontinental Exchange was found to help some “round-trip” trades. This “round-trip” trades is a situation when one company sells energy to the second company then the second company sell back the energy to the first company with the same price.

As we know that oil is the first comodity for some country, and this oil business involves the governments and world’s richest business people. After investigated by Congress, the company discloses that more than 80% of their trades in 2001 were round-trip trades; this means that they fake 80% of oil trades in the world. GDS International has made investigation of scam in the recession time. The top 10 of the scams are phishing/spoofing, Nigerian money offers, “Free” trial offers, Foreclosure rescue, help seeking governments grants, Fake checks; work at home opportunities and Internet auctions.

GDS company can gives the best service to the clients. Different with others companies, GDS International can give many advantages and trusworthy service to the client, we can offer you many services that can help you sales and marketing activity, if you need to increase tour quality in marketing your product, you can trust us as your partner.

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