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Aggressive Defense Against Drug Charges

Of all the different types of criminal offenses, drug crimes are the most common in Massachusetts. Drug charges are extremely serious, and as a result, should be handled equally as seriously by a qualified legal professional. The Law Offices of Thomas A. Brant is a law firm focusing exclusively on criminal defense in Boston and attorney Brant has over 20 years of experience handling criminal matters, including drug charges. When facing charges as serious as these, it is essential to have the most thorough and skilled lawyer you can find fighting for you, and Thomas A. Brant is such an attorney.

There are a number of different drug offenses that a person can be charged with in Boston, and if you or someone you care about is facing any of the following drug charges, you should speak with Boston drug crime lawyer Thomas. A. Brant as soon as possible.

The firm represents clients facing charges of “,
” and trafficking, in addition to
” charges,
” and
“. Attorney Thomas A. Brant can defend your rights and protect your future when you are up against serious drug crime charges. As a seasoned
” lawyer, he is ready to fight all
” and cases brought to his office. He can help you to explore your options, inform you on possible
” and fight for your freedom when facing a drug offense in the area.

When making the decision on which attorney to hire, it is important to keep in mind that you will need an aggressive advocate of your rights by your side. Your attorney should be able to fight on your behalf and even negotiate a plea bargain involving “. As an experienced law firm, we understand the importance of advocating your freedom. The attorneys realize that it is much wiser to give an individual an alternative sentencing option such as rehabilitation so that he or she does not become a repeat offender rather than having the defendant spend time in jail. We can use this argument on your behalf and help better your chances of finding a favorable outcome. Call the firm today to schedule your free case evaluation!

Boston Drug Offenses

Due to the frequency with which drug crimes occur in the state of Massachusetts, the government goes to great lengths to investigate drug crimes and track down drug offenders within the state. There are entire task forces that are devoted exclusively to dealing with drug crimes and bringing violators of state and federal drug laws to justice. Due to the high occurrence of drug crimes within the state, investigators, prosecutors and judges take these offenses very seriously in an effort to fix drug problems facing communities within the state. The penalties resulting from drug crime convictions in Boston are known for being particularly harsh and sentences can include such things as jail or prison, fines, probation, drug rehabilitation and counseling, and community service. Drug offenders also obtain criminal records which can have a profoundly negative effect on their ability to find employment, to obtain loans, and to buy homes later in the future.

The term “drug trafficking” is essentially an umbrella term that nearly all drug crimes fall under. Trafficking simply means the movement of illegal narcotics or prescription drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamine, or even prescription medication such as Vicodin. The moment an illegal narcotic moves from one place to another, even from one house to another in the same neighborhood, a person can be charged with this offense. Unfortunately, in some cases, a person may be unaware that the drugs are in their possession, such as in the event that another person placed drugs in someone else’s backpack. While a person who is caught with these drugs may simply be charged with drug possession, their entire future is at stake – many employers refuse to employ an individual who has a record or history of drug use, possession or abuse. Click here to read more “.

Drug Crime Lawyer Serving Boston, Massachusetts

What can a skilled ” do to help you face your drug crime charges? First and foremost, your choice in legal counsel should be highly experienced and tireless in the pursuit of justice on your behalf. If you work with a competent lawyer, you have the opportunity of avoiding a conviction and serious penalties. You may have been subjected to an unlawful
“, or perhaps some other violation of your rights or mistake by law enforcement occurred that may greatly impact your case. It will be up to your lawyer to investigate all aspects of your case in order to discover potential weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against you, and then expose these weaknesses in order to negotiate for lesser charges or penalties or perhaps a dismissed case altogether.

Deciding which Boston defense attorney to hire is never easy because so much relies upon your choice. At the Law Offices of Thomas A. Brant, we want to make difficult process as easy as we can for you, and will do whatever we can to reduce the stress and anxiety you feel during this time. Facing drug charges is very difficult, but with the advanced legal service provided by attorney Brant, you are sure to have a much easier time as you go through the criminal process.

If you’ve been arrested for any type of drug offense in Massachusetts,at the Law Offices of Thomas A. Brant today to discuss your charges!

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