Developmental Evaluation

Parents and pediatricians with concerns about a child’s development can take advantage of the evaluation services available through Sutter Women’s and Children’s Services. Early testing can often determine developmental issues or underlying conditions that are affecting a child’s development. Tests are designed to match the abilities and expectations of children of all ages, from passive infant evaluations to complex testing of teenagers. Test results are shared with parents, referring physicians and specialists with expertise in the areas of concern. Once concerns are pinpointed, causes and treatments can follow.

In addition to physical issues, Sutter offers the only community-based, not-for-profit hospital-affiliated program of mental health services for children of all ages. When needed, evaluations by psychologists and psychiatrists who specialize in children’s issues can help locate underlying concerns and determine treatment options.

For more information about the development evaluation services available, please contact (916)733-1025. To find out more about ” and “, as well as other “, please visit our health information section of this website.

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